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8 11, 2023

Embrace eco-tourism: A greener way to explore Africa


Have you ever considered adopting a more eco-conscious approach to your travels? As we venture into the world, we have the power to make choices that reduce our impact on the environment. If you're planning your next safari adventure in Southern Africa, we've got some fantastic suggestions to help you tread lightly on our precious planet. Eco-responsibility begins with us. Fly direct and lighten your carbon footprint Every choice we make during travel can have a significant impact on the environment. Did you know that the most fuel is [...]

Embrace eco-tourism: A greener way to explore Africa2023-12-18T11:52:47+00:00
8 11, 2023

Capturing the wild: Smartphone photography tips for your safari adventure


As a travel agency specializing in thrilling safaris, we know that capturing those unforgettable moments is just as important as experiencing them. While professional cameras are fantastic for photography, don't underestimate the power of your trusty smartphone. In this blog, we'll share some smartphone photography tips that will help you snap stunning shots of the Big 5 and the mesmerizing landscapes of South Africa. Get ready to embark on a visual journey! Master your smartphone camera settings Before you venture into the wilderness, take some time to understand your [...]

Capturing the wild: Smartphone photography tips for your safari adventure2023-12-20T18:48:51+00:00
7 11, 2023

Experience the Safari magic


Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will take you into the heart of Africa's untamed beauty? Look no further than Go Touch Down Travel & Tours—a travel specializing in crafting exceptional safari tours for the American traveler. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer, here's why going on a safari tour with us is an absolute must-do. Connect with nature in its purest form In a world packed with urban landscapes and modern technology, [...]

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6 11, 2023

A captivating Victoria Falls adventure


Dive into an adventure that’ll awaken your senses, leave you in awe, and make memories that stick with you forever. Discover the wonders of Victoria Falls with Go Touch Down Travel & Tours! We're all about creating exciting and captivating experiences for our travelers. If you're up for an adventure that embodies beauty and amazement, look no further! Here's what makes Victoria Falls a must-visit: Nature's grand spectacle Victoria Falls, known as "The Smoke that Thunders," is one of the [...]

A captivating Victoria Falls adventure2024-02-21T08:06:16+00:00
5 11, 2023

South Africa unveiled and beyond expectations


Let’s dive into a journey of exploration, where each moment unfolds surprises, and every experience is a testament to the extraordinary. South Africa, a land of captivating contrasts, boundless beauty, and rich cultural tapestry. At Go Touch Down Travel & Tours, we invite you to explore this enchanting destination like never before, offering you an intimate and immersive experience tailored for small groups of up to six people. Get ready to have your senses awakened and your heart stirred as we unveil the wonders of South Africa. [...]

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