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7 09, 2022

Why birding will enhance your game viewing


  Birding - for some people that means craning you head back trying to find some LBJ (little brown job) among the dense vegetation of a bush or a tree that everyone else is raving about and which you only see as it flies away. In South Africa there are at least 6 birds you may only see on safari.  None of them are under 14 cms. And none of them are brown. The tallest of the six, the ostrich, is over 2.75 m and weighs 137kgs! One kick from [...]

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12 08, 2022

3 Delicious Meat Dishes to eat in South Africa


  Thanks to South Africa’s historical roots combining Dutch, French, African, Malay and English influences, the country’s food is varied, inspiring and often unexpected. Let’s start with the unexpected. Mopane worms, a delicacy across Southern Africa. Mopane worms These brightly coloured caterpillars of the large Emperor moth have little spikes on their backs, and they feed primarily mopane tree leaves. During the rainy season, and before the caterpillar pupates, they are harvested, just like they have been for thousands of years, by hand. The insides are squeezed out and the [...]

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10 07, 2022

Why 3 Days on the West Coast in South Africa is not enough  


  The West Coast of South Africa is so startlingly different to the rest of the country you may not believe you’re actually in Africa. And while it may be different there are enough National Parks, and game reserves to satisfy any wildlife enthusiast’s need for South Africa’s fabulous wild creatures. Whether you’re a history buff, dedicated foodie, beachcomber, rock climber, or a wildlife enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed exploring South Africa’s West Coast. The Khwa Ttu San Heritage Centre, the West Coast Fossil Park and the guided Lighthouse Tour [...]

Why 3 Days on the West Coast in South Africa is not enough  2022-07-11T07:01:22+00:00
20 06, 2022

Signature Adventure Experience


Immerse yourself in some of South Africa's most scenic regions on our Signature Adventure Experience Tour. Gaze out over the world’s largest green canyon, spectacular, tumbling waterfalls, have a gentle and personal encounter with majestic elephants, and drink deep of the delicious and heady experience that awaits in the world-renowned Cape Winelands. Game drives are the perfect way to experience our extraordinary wildlife in the twilight beauty or the crystal-clear dawn of the African bush. Discover your heart in three unique wild areas - The Magaliesburg Mountains, the Songimvelo Game [...]

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18 05, 2022

Cape Town Experience


The Cape Town Adventure is part of our Adventure Experience Series - adventure exactly as it should be experienced. Exploring Cape Town in 8 days and 19 adventurous excursions delights the senses and the soul, supplying a lifetime of fond memories. Affectionately known as the Mother City, Cape Town is rich in culture, vibrancy, flavour, people, and unique flora and fauna. It’s the most cosmopolitan of all South Africa’s cities. Time spent in Cape Town is framed by the depths of the earth in the Shimansky Diamond Experience, the depths [...]

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16 03, 2022

Winter – the best time to go on safari (especially in South Africa)


‘Safari’ is the Swahili word for ‘travel’. It has become synonymous with going on a game drive, or a guided walk, in the African bush. And Winter in South Africa is definitely the best time to go on safari. Winter and Spring in Africa is between May and September. In fact, while any month between May and September is great for a safari, May and September are the best, with September being optimal for wildlife viewing. Winter in Africa is the dry season. There’s no rain, or if there is, [...]

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22 04, 2021

Why Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world:


  Huddled between the Balkans and central Europe, Croatia is a country rich in history and natural wonders from limestone caves, endless forests to scenic pebble beaches. The country's most famous waters are found inland at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a system of waterfalls, caves, and 16 terraced lakes that cover the entire blue-green color spectrum. The Adriatic Sea coast is truly spectacular, dotted with more than 1,000 islands surrounded by impossibly clear water just inviting gone to jump in and swim. Here are 5 more reasons to visit this exquisite jewel [...]

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14 04, 2021

Books to take you to Africa, from your armchair.


  This year, we’ve started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations are in progress and people are desperate to get out and about and travel. But for now, we have to sit tight. Let these novels transport you to another world – let the words invoke strong senses within you. Speaking of senses, pubmed.gov reported that neuroscientists tracking the brain activity of patients who read words like “cinnamon” and “jasmine” found that the very act of reading those words caused the part of the brain [...]

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22 03, 2021

4 Beach Holidays with a difference in South Africa


  For many people a beach holiday is the ultimate in heavenly getaways. For other people there needs to be more to it than just sand and sea. Here are 4 suggestions as to how to make your South African beach holiday even more enjoyable. Slackpacking on the Wild Coast Slackpacking is the glamourous twin of traditional hiking or backpacking. If you love to hike but hate having to carry everything but the kitchen sink on your back as well, then slackpacking might be the perfect solution. All you carry [...]

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17 03, 2021

4 Delicious Puddings to eat in South Africa


  Dutch, French, African, Malay and English historical roots combine in the varied and delicious food you can enjoy when you visit South Africa. And the decadent puddings are certainly no exception. Malva Pudding Considering this is one of South Africa’s most iconic desserts you would not believe the different factions that exist within the pudding loving fraternity. Not only are there differing opinions as to where the name comes from, but also what goes into it. There’s even discussion as to whether it’s actually a Jan Ellis Pudding, an [...]

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