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30 08, 2021

Why Zimbabwe should be a ‘must see’ on your travel list


Zimbabwe is full of colorful contrasts and breathtaking scenery and deserves international tourism due to its enormous efforts in conservation and a strong focus on tourism. The warmth and hospitality Zimbabweans are well known for their warmth and hospitality. Smiling faces greet you wherever you go and there is always a helpful hand to give you advice on what to do. There is a genuine sense of welcoming and Zimbabweans are so optimistic and hopeful for what their country could become, harking back to pre-1987 when Zimbabwe was one of [...]

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16 08, 2021

SOLO TRAVEL, the do’s and don’ts


  Travelling has taken on a new meaning in 2021. More than ever, we want new experiences, adventures and a major break from our comfort zones. Global trends suggest that there is a hearty appetite for women over the age of 50 to travel solo. There is an urge for people to connect, meet and bond with local people while on holiday. Now that travel is slowly recovering, it’s a great time to book now and travel later. Safely Solo: Arrive in daylight if possible There’s nothing more disconcerting than [...]

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29 07, 2021



  Zambia is a country made famous by the almighty Victoria Falls and it’s equally impressive source, the Zambezi River. Many people choose to stay on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls but it’s easy to cross over to the Zimbabwe side, it’s always fun to say you’ve been to 2 countries in 1 day! Spot a rainbow over Victoria Falls: The Victoria Falls is a must-see regardless of the season, when it’s winter and the falls are not as fast and furious where thrill seekers can swim in [...]

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15 07, 2021

Top 10 things to do in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, South Africa.


Dullstroom, a mere 2,5 hours away from Johannesburg by car, and conveniently situated halfway to the Kruger Park, is a beautifully scenic escape. Given its altitude at 2100m above sea level, it is the highest village in South Africa and has become a very popular training base for top European athletes during the summer months. It’s a humming weekend getaway due to the charming little town bustling with quaint antique shops, home industries and local pubs. It’s a scenic part of the country; filled with trout dams, beautiful elm trees [...]

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15 06, 2021

Post Covid Travel Ideas


It’s brilliant news – as of 3 June 2021, United Airlines started operating direct flights between Newark, New York & Johannesburg, South Africa. This allows vaccinated U.S citizens to visit South Africa without worrying about quarantine on the return home. Now that’s an incentive for a trip to Africa! Below we’ve earmarked some of the highlights of the trips we do. VISIT BOULDERS BEACH AND SWIM WITH THE PENGUINS (Western Cape, 45 mins from Cape Town city center) The best time to visit Boulders Beach is in summer (Nov –April) [...]

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22 03, 2021

4 Beach Holidays with a difference in South Africa


  For many people a beach holiday is the ultimate in heavenly getaways. For other people there needs to be more to it than just sand and sea. Here are 4 suggestions as to how to make your South African beach holiday even more enjoyable. Slackpacking on the Wild Coast Slackpacking is the glamourous twin of traditional hiking or backpacking. If you love to hike but hate having to carry everything but the kitchen sink on your back as well, then slackpacking might be the perfect solution. All you carry [...]

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17 03, 2021

Why 3 Days on the West Coast in South Africa is not enough  


  The West Coast of South Africa is so startlingly different to the rest of the country you may not believe you’re actually in Africa. And while it may be different there are enough National Parks, and game reserves to satisfy any wildlife enthusiast’s need for South Africa’s fabulous wild creatures. Whether you’re a history buff, dedicated foodie, beachcomber, rock climber, or a wildlife enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed exploring South Africa’s West Coast. The Khwa Ttu San Heritage Centre, the West Coast Fossil Park and the guided Lighthouse Tour [...]

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17 03, 2021

4 Delicious Puddings to eat in South Africa


  Dutch, French, African, Malay and English historical roots combine in the varied and delicious food you can enjoy when you visit South Africa. And the decadent puddings are certainly no exception. Malva Pudding Considering this is one of South Africa’s most iconic desserts you would not believe the different factions that exist within the pudding loving fraternity. Not only are there differing opinions as to where the name comes from, but also what goes into it. There’s even discussion as to whether it’s actually a Jan Ellis Pudding, an [...]

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17 02, 2021

The future of travel, in particular to South Africa


Nadine, Media Reporter for Touch Down Travel Tech sat down with the CEO, Deon Barnard of Go Touch Down Travel and Tours to speak about the future of travel, in particular to South Africa. Reporter: Personal question to kick off, how long have you been in the travel industry? CEO: I started in 1988 and I’m extremely passionate about the travel industry. I just love seeing how a trip on safari, in particular, affects people -it’s truly life-changing. Reporter: How many travellers pre Covid-19 were you taking to South Africa? [...]

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16 02, 2021

4 More Things to put on your Southern African bucket list in 2021


  There’s so much to see in southern Africa! Choosing only a few places can be overwhelming. It’s a vast land, filled with landscapes, animals, and wonder. Hopefully, our bucket lists will help.   The Pilanesberg National Park – South Africa In 1977, within one of the largest circular volcanic complexes in the world, Operation Genesis began, and long-vanished wildlife was reintroduced. It was the largest game resettlement in the world. Now, ecologically rich and malaria-free, and only 3 hours from Johannesburg, the Pilanesberg is home to over 10 000 [...]

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