20 07, 2022

What to wear and pack


WHAT TO WEAR & PACK South Africans are generally laid back when it comes to clothing, so there is no need to haul out your best silks and diamonds when heading for our shores, unless you're attending a very prestigious event. For summer, bring clothes that are cool, light and comfortable because summer temperatures can get well into the 30 °C range in some areas. Also bring an umbrella or raincoat during summer as this is when most of the country gets its rain. In areas like Gauteng and the [...]

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18 08, 2021

Laundry Service


Every property is different and it is best to enquire what is available. With regards to our exclusive tours and priorities. We can assist with in-house laundry services at all the below resorts/lodges. Please note that this is an additional charge and can be arranged on request at the property. Seasons Sport & Spa Humala River Lodge Dunkeld Country Estate Shark Bay Belle Maroc however can’t assist with in-house laundry services, however, they can arrange for this to be done outside of the resort. Should it be done in this [...]

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