30 06, 2020

Do I need vaccinations to travel to South Africa?


Here is some general information to help you prepare for your visit to South Africa. Please be sure to consult with your health practitioner prior to your departure for updated information and for treatment appropriate to your personal health and circumstances. While not required, the malaria tablet is strongly recommended when visiting the Kruger Park area. Please check with your MD for your particular medicinal needs. Currently, the only mandatory vaccine is Yellow Fever only for those travelers arriving from a country at risk for yellow fever or in [...]

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30 06, 2020

Covid-19 travel to South Africa


Released August 2nd, 2022: Dear Travelers, Below is the latest information we have. We continue to monitor how countries, airlines, and travel suppliers adapt to travel restrictions and changes. “South Africa is open for International travel and we are in full swing. Every week in 2022 we have travelers scheduled. We are fully booked for the rest of 2022. Bookings for 2023 and 2024 are now open. Those that have traveled with us over the past few weeks and months, have experienced a fantastic time and the reviews are [...]

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