Where will you safari next?

Safaris hinge on timing and luck, best achieved with expert planning and trained guides. While you may dream of spotting leopards or wild dogs, remember that nothing in Africa is guaranteed. The unpredictability of the wild is what makes safaris so compelling.

Never a dull Game Drive

Every Guide is Unique

Each guide you meet offers distinct expertise, whether in wildlife, birds, or insects. Some may specialize in birds, while others are passionate about big cats or tiny mammals. You never know what new aspect of the wild you’ll discover.

Unique Sightings Await

On game drives, our guides are always interested in hearing about your dream wildlife sightings. Whether it’s an aardvark, wild dog, or giraffe, each drive offers the chance for extraordinary encounters. Photography enthusiasts can capture stunning shots, while birders can spot over 700 different species in Zimbabwe alone. Multiple drives mean more opportunities for rare sightings.

The Beauty of Africa

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Africa on a game drive. Enjoy fresh mornings with the sun rising, or savour a sundowner during an afternoon safari, with each location offering unique views and experiences.

Meet Fascinating People

On shared game drives, you’ll meet fellow travellers with similar interests, leading to enriching experiences and potentially lifelong friendships.

Perfect Stimulation

Enjoy the best safari experience with game drives that combine adventure and tranquillity. These drives offer a safe environment for you to connect with nature without feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Africa, as it can have a very positive impact on mental well-being and overall happiness.

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