Unleash the wild side with leopards

Known for its stealth and grace, this imposing feline captivates adventurers with its beauty and mystery. Leopards exhibit remarkable adaptability, thriving in diverse habitats from semi-desert landscapes to dense subtropical bush. Their territories range from 10 to several hundred square kilometers, marked by tree-scratching and urine.

While males fiercely defend their turf, they share it with females. Baboons are ancient foes, often targeted by leopards, yet sometimes retaliate collectively, as observed in a rare daylight attack. After mating, male and female leopards part ways, with the female raising cubs independently. These resilient predators can sustain themselves without water for extended periods, obtaining moisture from prey.

Tipping Etiquette Across African Safari

Are you preparing for an adventure in our diverse continent but unsure about tipping customs? Embrace the spirit of gratitude by tipping accordingly. Each gesture of appreciation goes a long way in acknowledging the dedication of the remarkable individuals who enrich your journey.

In Africa, tipping is customary yet voluntary. The amount you choose to tip is entirely at your discretion, reflective of the service quality you receive.

Safari Serenades

At our Safari Lodges and Touch Down Hotels, a team effort brings enchantment to your stay. At Go Touch Down Travel and Tours, we recognize the contributions of each staff member behind the scenes and have taken care of the tips for you on your behalf (this includes waiters, barmen, porters, and general staff).

Go Touch Down Guide/Driver

They are the first of our staff that you will meet on the ground, and during your tour, they will be responsible for all your ground transfers. The suggested going rate is $10-14 USD pp per night. On safari, this amount can be shared between the guide and ranger. In Cape Town, no ranger is applicable.

Safari Ranger

(Not applicable in Cape Town). Devoted to curating unforgettable experiences, your safari guide’s expertise is invaluable. You can show appreciation with a recommended tip of approximately $10-14 USD pp per night (if both guide and ranger were present on that day, it can be shared).

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