Travelling has taken on a new meaning in 2021. More than ever, we want new experiences, adventures and a major break from our comfort zones.

Global trends suggest that there is a hearty appetite for women over the age of 50 to travel solo. There is an urge for people to connect, meet and bond with local people while on holiday. Now that travel is slowly recovering, it’s a great time to book now and travel later.

Safely Solo:

  1. Arrive in daylight if possible

There’s nothing more disconcerting than arriving in a foreign country at night. Especially if you need to find your own transport and accommodation. Try scheduling your arrival time for during the day, this way, if you’re not happy with your accommodation, you can make a plan to change hotels and feel more in control.

  1. Trust your intuition

If you get that niggly feeling, don’t discard it, trust it. Make sure your radar is on high alert and if you don’t get a good feeling about a person, place, or situation – abort the mission quickly!

  1. Stay informed and keep others informed

A clever trip is to keep your hotel’s business card on you at all times, just in case you need to jump in a taxi and can’t pronounce the name or are lost somewhere. Also always inform the hotel where you’re going or a friend so someone is aware of where you are.

  1. Don’t tell strangers where you’re staying

It seems obvious, but especially if your widowed mum is going on a trip alone, you don’t want her to be hoodwinked by some local conman who empties out her hotel room or worse, bank balance. If you meet a friendly stranger, just make sure you are in a public place.  

  1. Know the pros and cons

Every country has its own set of cons and dangers. It could be pickpocketing in Barcelona or a smash and grab in Cuba. Just be aware, read up on your destination, and be a well-informed traveler.