When Should I book my African Safari

A shiver races down your spine as the distinctive cackle of a hyena pierces the night. Your heart pounds as, with a flick of the wrist, the safari vehicle roars to life beneath you. Tension fills the air as the deafening roar of a lion signals the start of the hunt. The hyenas aren’t the only ones on the prowl tonight. Under the cover of darkness, lions begin to stir, and leopards descend from their trees to pursue the prey on the ground. A night safari is the perfect opportunity to witness the circle of life in action!

Planning an African safari might seem straightforward with the help of our Travel Experts, but it can be quite complex. Many factors must be considered when designing our guests’ holidays, making it a detailed endeavour. With enough time, nearly anything is possible, and an African safari is no exception.

Consider various factors that can influence how far in advance you need to book. Preferences regarding the destination, accommodation, experiences, or travel dates can significantly impact the time required to plan your safari.

If any of these factors are non-negotiable, it can affect how early you need to start planning and booking. Even your travel group size matters, as many lodges can accommodate couples or single travellers on shorter notice than larger groups.

Smaller, highly sought-after camps have limited accommodations, with only a few camps in each region. It is best to book your safari nine to twelve months in advance to secure availability for the most desirable experiences Africa has to offer.

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