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16 12, 2020

Winter – the best time to go on safari (especially in South Africa)


‘Safari’ is the Swahili word for ‘travel’. It has become synonymous with going on a game drive, or a guided walk, in the African bush. And Winter in South Africa is definitely the best time to go on safari. Winter and Spring in Africa is between May and September. In fact, while any month between May and September is great for a safari, May and September are the best, with September being optimal for wildlife viewing. Winter in Africa is the dry season. There’s no rain, or if there is, [...]

Winter – the best time to go on safari (especially in South Africa)2020-12-21T06:14:47+00:00
22 11, 2020

4 Things to put on your Southern African bucket list


It’s almost impossible to create a limited bucket list for Southern Africa. With South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland – now known as the Kingdom of Eswatini, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia, Southern Africa covers a total area of 4 262 398 km2. Here are the oldest desert in the world, forests, grasslands, mountains older than Everest, and massive waterfalls, all encircled by an extensive coastline. Temperatures vary from 500C to -20oC. The incredible wildlife is unique, and the people, diverse and welcoming. 1. Cape Town – South Africa Africa’s most [...]

4 Things to put on your Southern African bucket list2020-11-22T16:23:28+00:00
17 11, 2020

10 Reasons why you need to add Victoria Falls to your Africa Safari


The best reason to see Victoria Falls is its sheer overwhelming beauty. In 1855, the first recorded European to see the Falls, the Scottish missionary, David Livingstone wrote, “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” Five individual falls make up the mighty Victoria Falls. Four are on the Zimbabwean side, with the fifth fall being on the Zambian side. On the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is the [...]

10 Reasons why you need to add Victoria Falls to your Africa Safari2020-11-17T11:07:25+00:00
15 11, 2020

Pilanesberg – A Hidden Gem


One of the largest circular volcanic complexes of its type in the world was formed over 1300 million years ago when South Africa’s North West Province, was alive with volcanic eruptions and overflowing magma. The result is an exceptionally rare alkaline volcanic crater, filled with unusual geological features, and rock types attracting geologists and photographers from across the world. Man has lived here beneath Thabayadiotso, ‘the Proud Mountain’ since the Stone Age and has left his mark in a number of sites. In 1977, Lucas Mangope, President of the apartheid [...]

Pilanesberg – A Hidden Gem2020-11-15T05:11:26+00:00
20 09, 2020

Signature Adventure Experience


Immerse yourself in some of South Africa's most scenic regions on our Signature Adventure Experience Tour. Gaze out over the world’s largest green canyon, spectacular, tumbling waterfalls, have a gentle and personal encounter with majestic elephants, and drink deep of the delicious and heady experience that awaits in the world-renowned Cape Winelands. Game drives are the perfect way to experience our extraordinary wildlife in the twilight beauty or the crystal-clear dawn of the African bush. Discover your heart in three unique wild areas - The Magaliesburg Mountains, the Songimvelo Game [...]

Signature Adventure Experience2020-09-20T08:27:13+00:00
20 09, 2020

Adventure and Safari


Step back in time for 8 days. Your Adventure and Safari is a magical part of our Adventure Experience Series. One that will seem like a beloved dream when you are back home. Deep within a magnificent forest, is ‘the Place of Eternal Mist’. A place fly-fishermen know as Dullstroom. Hikers, mountain bikers, horse riders and those who prefer exploring the small town’s quaint stores, artisan shops, and art galleries lining Dullstroom’s main street, return here again and again. Exchange pieces of your heart with the mighty, wild, yet unbelievably [...]

Adventure and Safari2020-09-20T08:21:22+00:00
18 09, 2020

Cape Town Experience


The Cape Town Adventure is part of our Adventure Experience Series - adventure exactly as it should be experienced. Exploring Cape Town in 8 days and 19 adventurous excursions delights the senses and the soul, supplying a lifetime of fond memories. Affectionately known as the Mother City, Cape Town is rich in culture, vibrancy, flavour, people, and unique flora and fauna. It’s the most cosmopolitan of all South Africa’s cities. Time spent in Cape Town is framed by the depths of the earth in the Shimansky Diamond Experience, the depths [...]

Cape Town Experience2020-09-18T03:38:18+00:00
29 06, 2020

Zambia is a travellers paradise – the adventure is never ending!


Zambia is an adventurous travellers paradise! Bask in the grandeur of the mighty Victoria Falls. Experience the prolific brilliantly coloured birdlife on the shores of Lake Kariba. From an epic safari in the South Luangwa National Park, with unspoilt nature and abundant wildlife, to canoeing in the Zambezi River at sunset – the adventure is never ending!

Zambia is a travellers paradise – the adventure is never ending!2020-06-29T09:21:34+00:00
29 06, 2020

Meet South Africa with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours


One of Africa’s most dynamic destinations. Whether it’s the vibrant city life of Cape Town that is catching your eye, or the magnificent bushveld of the Kruger National Park that’s you’re wanting to explore, South Africa offers adventure for all. Let your taste buds travel through the Cape Winelands, experience the cuisine of KwaZulu-Natal and experience the world-renowned, spectacular Garden Route for yourself. South Africa awaits!

Meet South Africa with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours2020-06-29T09:15:23+00:00
29 06, 2020

Travel Botswana and Discover Africa’s best keep secret with Go Touch Down


Explore the waterways of the Okavango Delta on traditional Mokoros, sleep under the stars and enjoy Africa as it’s meant to be experienced! From the oryx roaming the sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert, to th1e elephants drinking on the riverbanks of the Chobe River, discover the untamed charm of Africa. Experience an unforgettable wildlife adventure and get into the wild in Botswana.

Travel Botswana and Discover Africa’s best keep secret with Go Touch Down2020-06-29T09:36:32+00:00