While we all sit at home, waiting to be fully vaccinated and countries to be given the green light, now’s the perfect opportunity to put those Marie Kondo organizing tips to good use.

If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is, you haven’t been watching enough Netflix OR doing enough tidying at home in lockdown!

Take a trip down memory lane and get those photos into the 21st Century where you can

actually see & appreciate them, instead of being stuck on your phone, just waiting to be lost!

Use a photo organization app:

Photos from all devices can totally get out of control. Having a photo app like Photo Sync, a great one for a few reasons. It addresses the issue of multiple platforms, transferring and syncing photos through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a hotspot between phones, computers, drives, and services like Dropbox. To get the most out of the app, invest in the $1 per month premium version (iOS only).

Create a one of a kind scrapbook:

One of the joys with digital technology today is it’s a seamless process to create a personalized photo album and get a customised cover created. Whether it’s embossed, engraved or paint splattered, there seems to be an option for everyone. As there are so many companies that specialize in this, you can cherry pick your favourites based on price, design and customer recommendations. Our favourite is Burblepix and Etsy’s choices.

Get pictures hung from holidays in your home:

Online photo and design marketplace Minted streamlines a once tedious process, letting you choose a style, size, and one of 16 frame options for all your favourite pics, in one fell swoop.

In less than 2 weeks you could have new (inexpensive) art hanging on your wall and even better, it’s personal and a talking point when you are finally allowed guests over! Being a travel company, we especially love the ‘location print’, which collages images into the shape of a map like that trip you took to Australia. How cool is that?

Turn your Instagram grid into wall art:

Admit it, we can all get utterly addicted to Instagram, especially with all of the sparkly filters than can transfix us for hours!  A company called Framebridge offers a set of nine square-shaped, golden frames, which add up to a studiously straight and symmetrical wall art piece for pronto delivery — what an innovative way to bring your social media to life.