3 06, 2023

Who do I contact in case of emergency?


If you’re in your hotel room, contact the emergency number provided or the front desk. If you’re out and about, dial 10111 from a landline for the police or 112 from a mobile phone for emergency assistance.

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2 06, 2023

What about malaria precautions?


Please consult your healthcare provider before you depart for updated information and treatment appropriate to your health and circumstances. The first rule of malaria prevention is to avoid being bitten; that way, you will not contract malaria. The Female Anopheles Mosquito (the exclusive carrier and culprit) can bite at any time of day but is usually most active from dusk to dawn. Overall, control initiatives have been very successful in the malaria transmission areas. Mostly falciparum malaria is seen. The risk remains low in KwaZulu-Natal and is confined to the very [...]

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