30 06, 2020

Is South Africa a family-friendly holiday destination?


South Africa is a perfect family-friendly holiday destination with much for the kids to see and do – from building sand castles on golden beaches, swimming in the ocean, taking a joy ride in a theme park, spotting wildlife on a game farm or enjoying adventure activities at one of South Africa’s many resorts.Child-friendly facilities are found throughout South Africa.  Hotels offer inter-connecting rooms, triple bed arrangements, cots, babysitters, feeding chairs at meal times and children’s rates.  Self-catering properties are also a good option to consider, especially establishments that offer multi-roomed cottages and [...]

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30 06, 2020

How easy is it to travel around South Africa for seniors?


South Africa, with its excellent infrastructure and modern medical facilities, is an ideal holiday destination for senior travelers. At Go Touch Down we make sure all our travelers’ needs are met as we provide private, intimate tours. Airports, shopping centers, and tourist attractions are often geared to assisting senior citizens. For those who cannot walk long distances, wheelchairs or onsite transport can often be arranged.

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