Upon your arrival at the airport, our guide will be there to greet you and transfer you to your accommodations in one of our luxurious vans from Go Touch Down. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of during your transportation.

Our vehicle fleet includes air-conditioned Hyundai H1s that can seat up to 9 passengers. For our Exclusive Safari and Cape Town tours, our seating will not exceed 6 passengers, not including the driver. Your guide will have a microphone to ensure that all travelers can hear important information, no matter where they are seated.

Please be aware that some of the excursions, such as the Table Mountain Cable Car, Robben Island Ferry, Cultural Township Tour, Game Drives, and airport transfers, may involve sharing the tour bus with more than 6 passengers if you are joining another group. To make the experience more comfortable for everyone, we kindly ask that you rotate seating on a daily basis and show consideration for your fellow travelers.

Our safari vehicles are designed to provide you with an authentic open-air experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding scenery. You can enjoy a perfect view of the surroundings due to the tiered seating arrangement that ensures unobstructed views for everyone. Each of our vehicles can accommodate up to 9 passengers, along with a driver and a tracker.