Beginner’s Guide to a Safari Holiday

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a fresh litter of four adorable cheetah cubs, now 10-14 days old. These playful little ones are already captivating the hearts of our staff and guests with their curious antics and growing personalities. Born to one of our most beloved cheetah mothers, this new addition brings hope and joy to our conservation efforts.

Planning your first African safari is an exciting and rewarding experience as you organize your ideal holiday!

Where to go

Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures offer unique experiences. Visit South Africa’s Kruger National Park for a Big 5 safari and combine it with a beach holiday in Cape Town and a wine tour in the Cape Winelands

What to do

Each day on safari offers unique experiences. In addition to morning and afternoon game drives, you can also enjoy bird watching, wildlife viewing, helicopter tours, private safaris, community visits, and guided walking safaris with trained guides.

Where to stay

Accommodation options range from traditional tented camps to luxury lodges with private amenities. Choose based on your group size, age, and special occasions.

What to pack

Essentials include sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, binoculars, a camera, breathable clothes, comfortable shoes, a warm jacket, and insect repellent. Avoid bright or army-printed clothing and heavy fragrances.

How to budget

All-inclusive safaris typically cover accommodation, meals, transfers, and standard activities. Exclusions often include spa treatments, souvenirs, gratuities, and extra experiences.

Where to get inspiration

Explore curated safari tour itineraries with our team of experienced Travel Experts for ideas, featuring unique combinations of bush and beach adventures to inspire your next trip.

Let us plan your dream African trip