Zambia is a country made famous by the almighty Victoria Falls and it’s equally impressive source, the Zambezi River. Many people choose to stay on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls but it’s easy to cross over to the Zimbabwe side, it’s always fun to say you’ve been to 2 countries in 1 day!

Spot a rainbow over Victoria Falls:

The Victoria Falls is a must-see regardless of the season, when it’s winter and the falls are not as fast and furious where thrill seekers can swim in Devil’s Pool at the very top of the falls. For more sedate travellers, the view from the bridge will surprise and delight where often a beautiful rainbow can be spotted through the shimmering mist. Who needs a pot of gold when one of the top 7 natural wonders of the world is putting on a spectacular display?

Laze at a luxury lodge:

Many of the 4 & 5 star lodges line the Zambezi river, ideally situated close to Victoria Falls. Sip a freshly squeezed juice or crisp glass of wine from the viewing deck while you watch the ‘smoke that thunders’. Even better is hearing the roar of the falls from your bedroom, an ideal way to be gently lulled into an afternoon slumber. Feeling relaxed and sated could also be down to a combination of exceptional food, friendly service and a good dollop of fresh air.

Sleep on the river:

Fancy staying on a luxury houseboat that gently flows up the Zambezi? Why not watch hippos frolicking in the shallows or elephants swimming to lush palm islands, while leisurely drinking a martini? Sound like a dream come true? It certainly is for many couples and small families. Even the sulkiest teenager will be awe-inspired by an epic African sunset from the boat’s roomy deck. Fall asleep to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the boat and look forward to another perfect day in Africa. 

Tiger anyone?

Of course we don’t mean the actual cat but rather the ferocious tiger fish – what anglers love to catch on the Zambezi. This is the real deal in African fishing, with Zambia offering excellent fishing safaris all year round. Highly knowledgeable guides kitted out tackle and bait as well as stocked cooler boxes make fishing in Zambia an experience to remember.

Sunny Safaris

Regardless of the season, the sun is bound to shine in this landlocked country. That’s why safaris in open-topped vehicles make perfect sense. No two game drives are ever the same and each one is an authentic experience. Highly trained rangers and guides will be able to showcase the best Africa has to offer as Zambian National Parks are teeming with wildlife.

A combination of a sophisticated tourism infrastructure, international and luxury lodges, and a bounty of natural wonders makes Zambia a popular African destination to explore.