You could be a honeymoon couple, a thrill-seeker, a retired professor or a bustling young family – believe us, Botswana is a perfect holiday destination for those wanting a soft landing into Africa with a huge dose of nature.

Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Africa, as 44% of it is made up of National Parks, an incredible statistic. An excellent country of choice taking on board the current pandemic. Fewer people mean less chance of getting infected.

The south and east consist of the striking Kalahari Desert and lunar-like pans at Nxai and Makgadikgadi. The north and west, on the other hand, comprise the dazzling waterways of the Okavango Delta and Chobe River ecosystem.

Here are several places to explore:

Stay on a houseboat

One of those most memorable ways to experience Botswana is to stay on a luxury houseboat on the Chobe River. Imagine waking up to the sunrise, listening to the chattering of birds and grunting of hippos. As you sip freshly brewed coffee, watch animals coming to the water to drink, undisturbed by this floating object. Enjoy unsurpassed game viewing from the comfort of the deck.

Experience an open vehicle game drive

Of course, one of the most exciting adventures one can have in Botswana is to jump on board an open vehicle in the early morning and evening to spot animals. The advantage of Botswana game viewing is that camps and vehicles are few and far between, meaning sightings can often be experienced without any disturbance from other vehicles.

See the planet’s biggest elephant herds

Chobe is renowned for having the biggest elephant herds in the world. It’s awe inspiring to watch these animals being protected by the matriarchs, who make sure everyone in the herd is behaving. If you’re lucky, you might see newly born elephants who are the most adorable baby animal as they’re playful and still learning to use their trunks. They are often found circling their mother’s feet and are protected by the herd. You’ll often see elephants wading and crossing through the rivers and waterways – they use their trunks as snorkels – a rare sight to behold 

The Okavango Delta

Is one of the world’s largest inland delta in the world. Local people in the past had a way to paddle around the Okavango Delta, which was by traditional mokoro (canoes) that were made from hollowed-out sausage tree trunks. Nowadays, lighter, faster and more environmentally friendly fibreglass canoes are used at almost all lodges. A ride in a mokoro is one of the most serene experiences you will ever have: you are poled along quietly, and your guide will point out beautiful lilies, tiny painted reed frogs and goliath herons. Don’t worry about hippos: the poler taps the side of the mokoro gently to warn them that humans are on the way! It’s the Okavango Delta’s quintessential game viewing ‘vehicle’ and allows you to get closer to animals in ‘the Venice of safari’.

Hang out with Meerkats

Although they’re cute and cuddly, meerkats are fearless, with an amazing social structure and lookout system. Because they’re so fearless, they very soon become habituated to humans and, in fact, begin using us as convenient lookout posts! Head to the Kalahari – meerkats like drier, sandy conditions for burrowing – for one of the best family-friendly things to do in Botswana

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