What you will be doing

Feel the excitement and warmth of true rural African culture on this unique half-day tour.  You will be welcomed by the people of five different tribes, each who live according to the folklore and traditions of their ancestors.

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Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi (“light” in the Sotho language) is located in the heart of the African bushveld amidst the rocky hills within the Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site. Discover the fascinating cultures and traditions of the people of Africa. You will visit homesteads inhabited by Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes who live according to tribal folklore and traditions of their ancestors. “Our culture is the light of our nation – whoever walks here amongst our cultures at Lesedi can also see the light.”

What activities are included

Discover tribal origins through enlightening cultural activities. Mingle with the locals; drink, dine, sing and dance around a crackling fire. Choose from the Monati (morning) or Boma (afternoon) programs. They both feature the same colorful agendas and insights, and both include transfers.

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Your half-day cultural tour includes all transfers: to and from Seasons Sport & Spa, and to Ndebele Village and Craft Market, Theater Presentation, Homestead Tour, The Giant Ingoma, and Nyama Choma Restaurant.

Ladies making beaded souvenirs

Ndebele Village and Craft Market

Expect warm people, bright colors and beautiful bead work at Ndeble Village and Craft Market. The multi-hued houses and structures are painted in traditional geometric designs, for which the Ndebele are famous. You will want to take home some handmade bead work to forever recall the memories you will have made while here.


Theater Presentation

This entertaining and informative multimedia presentation cultivates a great understanding of South Africa’s cultural history, tribal traditions and spirited origins.

Basotho Home

Homestead Tour

Embark on a fascinating and enriching exploration of the various tribes who call South Africa home. One of Lesedi’s many differentiating factors is the village’s natural and tasteful incorporation into the surrounding bush, river and forests, with five traditional homesteads including Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele.

Theatrical Performance

The Giant Ingoma

After a few drinks in the bar, guests and the families meet back in the Traditional Dance Boma for The Giant Ingoma – song and dance of all five villages. The festive ceremony culminates in communal dancing with the guests around the fire.


Your half-day Lesedi Cultural Village tour includes a memorable meal at Nyama Choma, a popular eatery specializing in South African cuisine served buffet style. The restaurant celebrates the country’s eclectic mix of cultures with its menu, entertainment and decor. 

Roasted Meat

Nyama Choma Restaurant

Nyama Choma presents a rainbow of aromas, tastes and sounds of Africa. Its authentic setting and vibrant decor immerses guests in an array of rich tribal traditions. The adventurous will appreciate delicacies such as ostrich, impala and crocodile, while the more conservative diner will have plenty of familiar fare from which to choose. Lesedi’s Fundudzi Bar or Ma Thabeleng’s Shebeen offers a lively location to socialize and enjoy drinks with your new friends.