What you will be doing

This half-day morning tour takes you on an inspiring journey from the first arrival of Jewish immigrants to the present day community. You will learn about the great influence that Jews continue to have on South Africa’s political, economic, cultural and sporting spheres.

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Great Synagogue

Gardens Shul Tour

Cape Town is home to the oldest Jewish community in Africa. During this enlightening tour you will bask in the majestic architecture, symbolism and spirituality of the Great Synagogue – known as the Gardens Shul; you will plunge into a world of interactive displays and artifacts documenting the early roots of the Jewish community at the South African Jewish Museum, and tour the Cape Town Holocaust Centre before enjoying lunch at a Kosher café.

What activities are included

This morning holds a wealth of history and heritage and includes a tour of one of the world’s most magnificent synagogues. You will also visit the South African Jewish Museum and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre. The tour ends with a savory Kosher lunch on campus.



Your half-day Gardens Shul Tour includes transfers to and from Burgundy Apartments and the Jewish Campus, which is the location of the Great Synagogue, the South African  Jewish Museum, the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, and Café Riteve where we will have lunch.

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue, is affectionately called the Gardens Shul, as it is situated within the Company Gardens just down Government Avenue and a short walk from Parliament. It is a historic landmark for both the Jewish and wider South African communities. The Synagogue building, visited by thousands of tourists annually, is an architectural masterpiece both inside and out and is widely regarded as one of the most magnificent synagogues in the world.

SA Jewish Museum

South African Jewish Musem

A moving tribute and detailed account of one of the great Jewish communities built by immigrants, this is one of Cape Town’s not-to-be missed heritage experiences. Situated in the midst of arguably the most interesting and historic urban square miles in the country, and on a campus that includes South Africa’s first and grandest synagogue, the South African Jewish Museum is a marvel of modern architecture, and one whose contents mirror this fusion of the old world and the new.

Cape Town Holocaust Museum

Cape Town Holocaust Centre

The Cape Town Holocaust centre preserves photographs, films, artifacts and mementos that vividly illustrate life in the ghettos and the full horror of the genocide of the Holocaust. Among the darkest passages in the journey of humankind was the Holocaust, a supreme example of genocide and blind prejudice, in which six million Jews and about two million others were exterminated by the Nazis who ruled the Third German Reich from 1933 to 1945.


In keeping with Jewish law and tradition, we will have a Kosher lunch at the Cafe Riteve on campus. Guests not only appreciate the excellent service and quality of food, but also the menu diversity.

Salad in a Spud

Café Riteve

Café Riteve is a popular eatery located on the aesthetically pleasing piazza at 88 Hatfield Street, Gardens. This Kosher accredited café is a coffee shop, destination restaurant and venue for weddings, meetings and more. Lunch menu items include imaginative salads, sarmies (sandwiches), fish, pasta, and pizza with a South African Jewish twist.